Welcome and Thank you for visiting my page!  My name is Ayame Villarroel, Owner and Designer of Blooms And Paper. I am also a mom to two beautiful kids, a daughter, a wife, an entrepreneur and a firm believer of God. It all started when I was planning my daughter’s 1st birthday and was looking for a flower wall backdrop for the event. I searched for a local company in Vancouver but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to make it myself! Right after the event, people were inquiring if I would take orders for creating flower sets or rent out the flower wall itself. I felt I was onto something and that is how my business, Blooms And Paper was born!
My number 1 inspiration
Established in 2016, Blooms And Paper offers handcrafted, custom-made floral designs made using high quality paper. Our products are a focal point for any event such as Weddings, Birthdays, Bridal and Baby showers, and Corporate Events. They are a perfect décor item for Storefronts and Boutique displays as well as in Marketing and Advertising projects to highlight the style and brand of your company.
We only use high quality Card Stock paper to create our stunning flowers. They are available in a vibrant range of colors and sizes and are sturdy enough to stand the test of time! It is through Blooms and Paper that I have found my true passion! My family has been incredibly supportive in my journey and it is because of their encouragement and support that I am able to pursue my passion. I am a very creative person and I like to channel my creativity into making these beautiful paper blooms. They give me a sense of joy. Every flower is intricately hand made and special in some way. I embellish my creations with pearls, crystals, shimmer and even hand paint the center of the flower to best match the theme and make each piece unique. The reviews and the kind words of my amazing clients gives me a sense of satisfaction that through my creations, I touch peoples lives and somehow become a part of their celebration. Come, let’s make your next celebration truly one to remember!!


Paper Flower Wall

Flower wall backdrops create a stunning focal point to make your event even more special and unique! Our flower wall are individually hand crafted and catered to your choice of colors and preferences

Table Letters

A perfect way to add a personal touch to any event are life sized Table Letters! Combine a floral wall backdrop with your initials or letters to give your event a unique, custom touch

Individual Flower Sets

Individual flower sets are a perfect addition anywhere. They can be used as table centerpieces, hair accessory, or as perfect bouquet for the bride!

Greenery Wall Rental

Bring the outdoors inside into your venue with our Greenery Walls. They pair perfectly with loose individual flowers as well as floral arches for creating an elegant focal point for any event.

Props and Rentals

Who doesn’t like props!! We offer a wide range of decor and party props for any occasion. From donuts to fancy backdrops and rentals, we have it all!

Silk Flower Walls and Floral Arch

Check out our beautiful floral arches that add magic to any venue or ceremony. We can customize it to match your theme.

Balloon Installations

We have beautiful balloons of all sizes and colours to make your celebration even more wonderful! 

Round Flower Walls

A beautiful circular flower wall is the perfect backdrop to highlight your showcase at an event.

Celebrate your occasion with elegance and style. Book your wall today!